Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three is NEVER a crowd!

Lookie how cute this is!  Mandy and Ty on their wedding day on the most beautiful California beach ever--- Coronado Beach and having an easy, no stress  San Diego Elope with us! 

Remember even if you don't have any guests, or just a small guest :)  I'm more than happy to be your witness and sign your license when I'm also photographing your ceremony.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

DoG DaY AfTeRnOoN! Coronado Dog Beach Elopements, We LOVE 'em!


It's true!!   Our very favorite weddings happen on Dog Beach on Coronado Island, there's just something about a bride is so happy and carefree she can be "in the moment" with dogs running amok, fur a flyin', dogs barking, sand's so refreshing!  Congrats to Suzanne and Joel for making OUR day.
Suzanne and Joel traveled from Arizona to have a fun, relaxed elopement with us on the beach with their dog Jake and Max came along to play as well. Joel's parents brought Max along for an adventure. 

You can find out more about our pet friendly weddings right here on our link to our pet page on our website. We'd love to be part of your celebration.

woof, woof.
christine and steve

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elope To San Diego! It's a Pink-a-Licious Monday Wedding!

We love PINK! It's no secret.....When you Elope to San Diego with us, it's the time  you can have your own style!  No worries about what anyone thinks.

christine and steve

congrats lorrie and michael 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Take A Moment to Honor Those Who Were Aboard Devastating Helicoper Crash in Afghanistan.

Steve and I take a moment to honor the 38 men that were killed August 6th when their Chinook helicopter was shot down earlier this week.

Thirty US troops and 8 Afghans gave the utmost gift, their lives. Among  those who gave their lives were many Navy Seals from Seal Team 6. We honor each and every member of the group who were aboard and honorably gave the ultimate sacrifice.  We also know also that one dog  and his trainer, John Douangdara  were aboard.  We have listed as many of the men as we were able to locate. 

•Sisterhood of SEAL Wives Rush to Aid of Widows, story here
•Support The Navy Seal Foundation here
Navy Seal Foundation FB page here

Spencer Duncan, 21 Olathe, KS

Robert Reeves, 32 Shreveport, LA

 Matt Mills, 36 Austin, TX

Jonas Kelsall, 33 Shreveport, LA

Jason Workman, 32 Blanding, Utah

Brian Bill, 31 Stamford, CT

Alexander Bennett, 23 Tacoma, WA  Story here

Aaron Vaughn, 30 Fairfax, Virginia

John Brown, 25, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Jon Tumilson, 35 Rockford, Iowa

Kevin Houston 36, Barnstable, Mass

Bryan Nichols 31, Kansas City

John Douangdara, 26 Sioux City, Nebraska

Tommy Ratzlaff, 34,  Green Forest, Arkansas

Dan Zerbe, 28 Red Lion, Penn

Matt Mason, 37 Kearney, MO

Kraig Vickers, 36 Norfolk, VA  Story here

Darrik Benson 28, Angwin, CA

Patrick Hamburger, Lincoln, Neb

Chris Campbell, Jacksonville, NC

Michael Strange, Mayfair, PA

Jesse Pittman, 28 Willits, CA  Story here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dennis did an awesome job on our family pics!! Thank you

Thank you Dennis Mock for the great family pics!

He would love to do that for you too!

Miss Peaches on the left, Pascal, Daphne and Riley.. our pack.

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