Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Helping Haiti in lieu of an Extravagant Wedding!

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We saw this wonderful wedding story
and thought it very much blog worthy,
we enjoyed it and think you will too.

Helping Haiti in lieu of
an Extravagant Wedding
By Jennifer Pastiloff

The Marriage of two different Cultures:
One in Need, One in a place to Give. 

Her story begins...." I was never one of those girls
that sat home and cut out pictures from
Bride's Magazine or planned my big white wedding......"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Even YOU could plan a spectacular wedding in under a week !

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Once you've said YES, YES, YES to the man of your dreams, why not make the rest of the celebration a piece of cake? We're here to tell you that there is absolutely no need to drive yourself and those around you insane burden yourself and your beloved with lists, charts, graphs, financial statements and up to 24 months of planning and agonizing to become the new Mrs.

It's possible to create a memorable, romantic, fun, low stress and very affordable day to remember with just the few clicks of the mouse and a couple of phone calls in under a week.  Think we're making it up?     Definitely not!

With just a quick search on the internet for eloping, elopement packages or destination weddings you will see what wonderful services are available for you in a variety of locations. You'll be able to see photographs, check reputations and evaluate costs. You can see very quickly that you are no longer faced with just that Las Vegas option.  Your options available are a far cry from the cheesy little wedding chapel we've all heard about.  You'll be able to just forget about that borrowed dusty silk bouquet and the piped in fake wedding march song played way too loud. 

We're here to let you there are sunny beaches in southern California, romantic snow holidays in Tahoe and even cruises to a variety of tropical islands. Think of it…you'll be able to marry and have a fabulous honeymoon all at once. It can be just the two of you, or you'll also see that many of the options available can even include your very pushiest closest family members and friends.

When planning your elopement your main concern is that you are legally married at the end of the day. This will involve finding and researching information about obtaining a marriage license in your location of your choice, and finding an officiant to perform the ceremony. Most all elopement services you contact will be able to provide information to help you obtain your marriage license, or at least head you in the right direction. Some of the basic information to get: types of identification needed, cost of marriage license, hours of operation of the licensing location, blood work that might be needed, waiting periods, any residency requirements, witnesses, type of officiant needed to solemnize the wedding, how is the marriage license recorded and how you receive your copy of that record. We have a page on our website dedicated to the marriage license requirements in San Diego here.

Once you've got that covered, you can begin to think about what other services might need. Be sure and double check exactly what services are offered when you pay for your elopement package. Double check what you'll need and what is actually included and provided for you. Typically, you are responsible for your own airline tickets, hotels, rings and attire. However there are some all inclusive packages available that include the kitchen sink airline and hotels. It seems there are as many types of elopement packages and options as there are couples. If you choose with your heart, choosing the options that give you comfort and peace of mind, you'll have a wedding day you'll always treasure.

Here in beautiful sunny Southern California, our boutique style elopement service is called Elope San Diego and is absolutely perfect for the couple who can't wait one more minute spontaneous couple. We offer small beach elopement packages for groups of 25 or fewer. We can include fresh rose petals in the sand, gorgeous photography, a romantic personalized ceremony, the marriage license with no waiting period and even valet parking for the bride and groom, all for a very affordable price. We also offer the option of just having the "ceremony only" (none of the extras) at sunset on a windswept beach. As with most elopement packages, including ours, you can choose what works for you given your budget, style and number of guests. Best of all we can put this together in just a couple of days notice.

Why not think about eloping for a beautiful destination wedding, here in San Diego we have the perfect solution, a totally fun plan "b" for the spontaneous couple who want something really special...
hey....what do you have to lose except your mind

Christine and Steve

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ten Couples Married on Coronado Beach-Valentine's Weekend

As we watched the most spectacular sunset on Coronado beach tonight, and recalled our busy weekend, we realized how many couples lives we touch and just how many couples we made super happy this weekend. We had the great feeling of knowing that we had joined ten couples this weekend in marriage! Valentine's Day Weekend 2010. We were part of something people will remember their entire lives. It's a pretty special honor and we don't take it lightly. Here are a few pics to share of our adventures this weekend.
Congrats to all of you-- we wish you all the best!

We weren't even a little sad that we had a dead
battery in the very dark parking lot of the
Hotel Del Coronado.

Thank you Will from The Del valet parking.... for the jump, you ROCK... you really saved our tired bacon tonight.
christine and steve

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend !

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Just the quickest post ever to say

"Happy Valentine's
Day Weekend"

Tell someone you love them-

We have ten happy couples eloping with us this weekend.... and it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous sunny weekend on the beaches of Coronado. Love is definitely in the air at our house.
And just in case there was ever a question about it...we happen to have the best job in the whole wide world!

We made a reservation last night for Jenny and Joshua, and still have room for two more couples--- if getting married, elope style on the beach, with no stress happens to be your fancy! We can make it happen for you.

christine and steve

( postcards circa early 1900's... we found in paris last year)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Favorite Subject. . . Eloping

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a fun article about our favorite subject: Eloping
written by Annette Aaron in NYC on her blog

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Headbands can lend a helpin' hand to Haiti... WHO KNEW ?

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Our website: ElopeSanDiego.com

We're helping to support Ben Stiller's "Stiller Strong project" to help raise funds for Haitian School Initiative as they are rebuilding schools after the earthquake.
Just look at Riley and Daphne, our beloved dogs in their headbands! As you can see, they proudly posed for us the other morning when our headbands arrived! Just look at those happy faces.

Here is the link: stillerstrong.org that's where you can donate and get a gorgeous headband of your own... and one for your dog too !

This is a cause Ben was working on before the earthquake hit, but now the money being raised is even more critical. Schools are a safe haven for children in times of crisis, and a wonderful place that nutrition, health care and other critical services can be given to children and their families. Take a minute to check out the website and the project: stillerstrong.org.

We believe in this project so much, that for every comment we receive on our blog over the next 7 days, we will donate $5.00 to the STILLERSTRONG Project. (Up to $500.00) Don't be shy!

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