Monday, December 10, 2012

12.12.12 Still a couple of spots left!!!

What a popular day!   We still have a couple of "elope" spots left for 12/12/1/2
Give us a call!  858 945 8341 to schedule your ceremony. 

We have super affordable packages with ceremony, photography and flowers.

Friday, December 7, 2012

It's not too late to get married on 12.12.12 !

You can still Elope on 12.12.12 ! 

It's true.....we have a couple of spots left for an easy, affordable, no stress elopement on Coronado Beach.  Right behind the Hotel Del Coronado. 

The ceremony only, or our a little packages with photos and flowers.  

Groups must be under 25 people so you won't need a permit :)
  Give us a call!  
858 945 8341 

You'll still need to pick up a marriage license from the county and bring it with you. 

christine and steve
Elope San Diego

Thursday, November 8, 2012

88 years???? EIGHTY.EIGHT YEARS????

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Eighty-eight years after getting married, a Chinese couple have finally gotten their wedding photos taken -- and they're still smiling.

Cameras were scarce in China in 1924, when Wu Conghan, 101, and wife Wu Sognshi, 103, tied the knot, so they have no photos from their big day. But nearly nine decades later, they re-created the happiness of the event.

More from Today Show:

Please know you won't have to wait 88 years to get your photographs from us at
Elope San Diego, you won't even have to wait 88 days!  

 christine and steve

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Beautiful First Day of November Wedding... Can You Believe This Weather?

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November 1st.... SERIOUSLY?   

Lee Ann and Dan, selected one of the most beautiful days of the year
to be married.... a perfect California evening.

 They eloped with us at sunset last night with just a few of their family and friends.

Congrats to you both.  Thank for such a fun evening :)

Kisses for Baby Quinn

christine and steve   

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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So Happy Together..... "JUST MARRIED" 
congrats to jennifer and michael

Friday, October 5, 2012

Last Night.... another wedding on Coronado Dog Beach!

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Fun, Last Minute Elope Wedding Last Night

With Laura  and Gerhard and their pups from Arizona! 

We'll let the pictures tell the story....

We're still offering the most affordable, beautiful option around for your small, tiny wedding! Gorgeous pics, fresh flowers, dynamite FREE location, romantic ceremony.
Under a grand if you have 8 or fewer guests! 

Here are the package details:  Coronado Elopement Packages

Think Elope San Diego

christine and steve

Hey.....250 couples a year can't be wrong

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10 Top COMPLAINTS From Wedding Guests?????

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We got a great laugh this morning when we saw this article describing the "10 Top Complaints Of Weddings Guests".  Are you serious?    

We thought to ourselves... JUST ONE MORE REASON TO ELOPE !!!  ( or maybe ten more reasons to elope )  No wedding guests to complain about your food, your music, your friends, or your invitations..... PLEEZE.  You can read the article for yourself right here:

C' least think about eloping!  You can get married here in San Diego and honeymoon and have a wonderful stress free vacation.  Zip up to LA for even more excitement. 
Okay.... if you'd like to invite a few friends and family, we also have Coronado Beach Wedding packages for groups up to 25  (that includes bride/groom/officiant and photographer = 21 guests) with no permit !  They include beautiful photography, fresh flowers, romantic ceremony... and you can even include your dog (s)!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Colors of the Rainbow! Our mid-week brides show GREAT style...

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I love color and so did our
brides this week.  Both Steve and I love mid week weddings, the beaches are oh so private and quiet!

 On Thursday afternoon, we traveled to Carlsbad for Lori and Randy's most beautiful elope ceremony.  We had the beach to ourselves. And just look at Zeke! 
Zeke ! Such a gentlemen.   

Everything that evening was bathed in shades of yellow and gold.
So gorgeous! 

 Pam and Ken traveled all the way from Tennessee to Elope with us!  They absolutely loved Coronado Beach, the weather was perfect.... yes, it was a dream come true for them.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Place on the list of things... I WISH I HAD THOUGHT OF...

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damn. a wedding invitation with a view-master,
now that's a great idea! 
read the story here: 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Worlds Collide!

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Our rescue work and elope world COLLIDE !

When Lori and Jason thought about eloping to San Diego, they knew they would love to include a dog in their ceremony.  Since it wasn't possible to bring their own dog, they ask us if we had a dog to spare... and boy do we!!!   We have about a dozen dogs rescued off of death row that are looking for homes.

We immediately thought of  Duffy, who was more than happy to come to dog beach with us and be part of the ceremony.  He loves people, and dogs, and the beach! 
(hint.hint. He is also available for adoption.  More info about Duffy here)

Lori and Jason both said they would feel more comfortable and relaxed if they were around dogs, and they didn't even have to explain it to us, we got it !  We live with lots of dogs with the rescue work we do.   We eat, sleep and breath fact, we founded a 501c3 dog rescue in July of last year  "Lucky Pup Dog Rescue".

Thank you Lori and Jason for being so fun to work with AND for thinking of inviting one of our pups to share your day.  Very sweet of you and thank you so much for the donation.


christine and steve

DUFFY!!!   dogs will be dogs.....

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