Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yelps Little Secret: Elope San Diego has 45 "filtered" FIVE STAR Reviews !

YUP, it's true: 
Elope San Diego has  45 FILTERED FIVE STAR reviews. 


 In fact, there are almost three times as many reviews
for Elope San Diego in the filtered section
than are on the front of our Yelp page !

Since 2009, when we decided not to advertise with Yelp, our reviews were moved to the back in the filtered section. This has happened to so many other small business owners all over the country and naturally people are upset. 

Couples who eloped to San Diego with us, couples from all over the country who had a fantastic time and took time from their busy schedules to share how happy they were on Yelp, had their reviews marked as fake, unreliable, not worth showing. 

We're excited that this business, called "Yelp" will finally be taken to task for it's confusing, and somewhat dishonest portrayal of businesses.  According to the New York Observer"  Yelp is "Extremely Concerned" about what the investigative documentary will reveal.  
Stock prices fell after the announcement of the film.
On a side note, we couldn't help but notice that "Yelp" itself
has a 2.5 star average out of over 6800 reviews. 
The documentary movie which we were happy to donate to,
is called:  "Billion Dollar Bully"
it's a small independent film funded by donations from
a Kickstarter project and the director is Kailey Miliken.
They easily raised over $ 60,000 for their project in just a few days.

For almost 30 years, we've offered our wedding services.  You wouldn't know that by looking at our Yelp page. Working with about 250 couples a year, and there are bound to be some misunderstandings, but we virtually have a 100% satisfaction rate.  If there is a challenge, we work quickly to make things right.  Occasionally,  about once every other year or so... we have clients who just can't be made happy by anything we do.  In spite of everything we do, it's just not enough. We are happy to have couples share their stories,   we just  think it's NOT right that only some of the stories are shared and shared in such a disproportionate manner.

Christine and Steve

Thursday, March 19, 2015

** WOW ** We hit 100,000 Views of our "Elope San Diego" Blog this week !

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We can't believe that we hit 100,000 views with our blog this week! 
Barefoot San Diego Weddings

Thanks for all the visits.

christine and steve

see what our couples are saying about us at
Elope San Diego

Give us a call if you are planning your
"happily ever after"

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unique and fun Photo Sessions from Elope San Diego!

Fun photo sessions for our Coronado beach weddings!
trash the dress, have a blast! 
More info here

Elope San Diego
Christine Haslet,  photographer
Since 1987

member professional photographers of california
858 945 8341

Congrats Amy and Justin Eloped with us two years ago :)

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Just a quick congrats to Amy and Justin who eloped with us two years ago tomorrow~
We love the Facebook post we just stumbled upon!

christine and steve

858 945 8341

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