Friday, December 30, 2011

SUPER Fun Dog Beach Family Wedding!

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Toni and John tied the knot on Monday on Dog Beach on Coronado Island with their 4 children, a perfect evening to elope with us...we think the pics say more than we could ever say with words!

christine and steve

Congrats!!!  Toni and John and family and mia

Saturday, December 24, 2011

We hate to go on and on and on and on about the dogs...BUT...

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This wonderful little article was just published last night in the Examiner... 
by Sharon about our work with the rescue dogs....

a few of our critters...

And some really wonderful news, one of our awesome brides Sara S is our FIRST bride to step up and offer to be a foster mum for our pups, by doing this for us, she helps us to save more dogs by multiplying homes for them until they are adopted.  

Thank you Sara, she saved Snickers last night, on her VERY last day....Sara drove all the way to San Bernardino to rescue her.  She even gave her the cutest name EVER....

As  you can see Sara has her hands full,
but she is making the time to help us.  THANK YOU!!! 

snickers at the shelter two days ago
snickers last night. after her spay and bath at sara's house

christine and steve

If you can help with fostering, please, please let us know.  We need a you for 4-6 week time period in most cases... let us know!

and this just in . . .  

Justinna and Bryon have also volunteered to foster for us!
They were married just a few weeks ago.
Thank you for helping us rescue more shelter dogs.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Charity "Lucky Pup Dog Rescue" is the featured charity for "Give the Deal"!

For the next several weeks, the non profit charity we founded to rescue dogs in the Southern California area, "Lucky Pup Dog" is the featured charity for Give the Deal here in San Diego.  You can read more about their fantastic program here.  We are honored and excited to have been selected.

  You can read more about our work on our website:

pin up pups available for adoption RIGHT NOW :) 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A great day for ice cream!

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One should never be too busy to stop for ice cream .... 

What a great way to start your life off as a married couple!  

Katy and Jon were on their way down to the beach to say their I do's.. and were overwhelmed by the smell of baking waffle cones.. 

We all looked at each other and said..."Why not" ? 

  While their family and friends were waiting for them down at the beach, they stopped in for snack.  And as it turns out, it was "on the house"  FREE ICE CREAM!  

What's better than that, I ask?
Thank you Moo Time Creamery at The Hotel Del Coronado

congrats katy and john 
dec 17 2011 
all the way from jewett city, ct 
to elope in san diego

thanks for being so much fun to work with :) 
Merry Christmas
christine and steve

Thursday, December 15, 2011

SAY IT ISN'T SO........

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Say it isn't so.....America's Rash Retreat From Marriage???

We were more than a little surprised  to find the latest data showing that unmarried adults now almost outnumber those who are married.  

And within a few years, the majority of adults over 18 will be single.  A first!  

You can read the entire article here, it's pretty interesting turn of events. 

Here is a our new video of couples who decided that marriage was just right for them... and eloping with "Elope San Diego" was the coolest, most affordable way to celebrate their love....  done and done !! 

Okay, it's true.....we're a little biased, because THIS year we'll not only be celebrating  25 of years of marriage, but 25 years of marrying couples! 

christine and steve

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