Friday, December 31, 2010

The number 1

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Who knew the number "One" would be such a popular wedding date this year? 

Okay, we know it's pretty  silly fluffy but sometimes fluffy is...
well.... kind of nice. As we gear up for tomorrow,
we just realized how many opportunities we have this year for weddings and elopements with "ONE's" in the date.... as it turns out we're not the only ones who have noticed. 
Here is an article we found this morning
from Sign On San Diego about just this subject
Pairs Marrying on Saturday Count "1" as a Lucky Number. 

You can read the article by clicking

We're all booked up for elopements  for tomorrow 1/1/11
and hoping for a seriously sunny day, SERIOUSLY!
We also have some fun elopement packages scheduled for 1/11/11 as well-
and still have a bit of availability for 11/11/11 and 11/1/11 next November.
Send us an email if you're interested in our November dates:

Happy New Year from Christine and Steve
from Elope San Diego

Happy Twenty Eleven

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Christine and Steve!

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Merry Christmas !


it's a tiny little lemon tree to plant in our yard after the holidays!

We wish for you the Happiest of Holidays and a Wonderful Happy New Year in Twenty Eleven!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Engagement season is in full swing!

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Yes..... It Seems Engagement Season Is In Full Swing!

If one were to believe the stats for engagements, (and we do!)
they say that about one third of all engagements happen over the holidays....that's Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Those very same stats say that's about a million couples
in the United States who officially become engaged over the holidays. Wow!!

We have to agree, the holidays do provide so many opportunities to pop the question.
The food, the music, the family, the wine, the Christmas trees, oh the Christmas lights.

You get the idea, quite simply, romance is in the air.

Our phones ring off the hook, the emails come flying in this time of the year with plans for small weddings, elopements, destination beach weddings
what we love to call weddymoons.. weddings & honeymoons all rolled in to one.
San Diego is the perfect place for such a thing.

 We might be considered derelict in our duty, if we didn't at least put in a big plug to keep the romance alive.. why not just get married already?  At least consider ElOPING.. you can still have up to 25 of your closest family and friends at the most beautiful beach for a fun, low stress,romantic celebration.

Think of don't HAVE to spend everyday from now until  Christmas 2011...
or beyond thinking about "THE WEDDING"  

You can say NO, to the spreadsheets, seating charts, the arguments, the guest lists, the endless hors d'oeuvre menu, the pew bows, the empty bank account, the venue rules and regulations contract, deposits and more deposits.
Oh...did I mention the arguments and the deposits ?

 At least have a look-see, right here: 

You'll be pleasantly surprised at what we offer.

 our email address for more information is:

we'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keeping Up With Our Couples And What's New With 'Em....

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We Really Love to Hear the Lastest News From Our Couples. 

Life gets busy,  we know... but just so you know, we really love to keep up with you as well as all the couples who come to San Diego to elope with us.  Here are a couple of warm and fuzzy updates.

Katelynn and Cory eloped with us ( they happen to grace the top of our blog with a "just eloped"  shot) 

Here is their beautiful new baby with daddy who is serving in the Navy.

wedding day :)

 Sara and the kids welcome home Sam from serving overseas in the Army...

their wedding day!

Monday, December 6, 2010

HoLiDaY Weddings! Rain or shine we still have the most beautiful Elopements around!

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 Elope to San Diego, Rain or Shine . . .  


Holiday Weddings

We love 'em!  So romantic.
Most times of the year, here in San Diego we have some of the very best weather in the whole country.  It's beautiful! Couples planning their winter and holiday elopement ceremonies with Elope SanDiego, know that if we happen to have a little bit of rain, we've got you covered! 
Don't let the thought of a little rain stop you from having the elopement of your dreams!

Hey... and right now we are having a little holiday special going on with our ceremonies. For all elopement ceremonies booked ala carte and performed during the month of December, we will include fresh complimentary red rose petals for the sand. (This is for the simple "ceremony only" option)
Very festive and oh so pretty!

 Kevin and Kelly, who traveled from Chicago.... BRRRRR!

Thanksgiving weekend! Congrats to the two of you! 

Here is a photo of the  gorgeous gazebo down the street on Orange Avenue that we've used a couple of times over the years. It's covered and very pretty!  All the way from Boston, Rose and Eric had a little bit of rain, but somehow it was okay since we still  have warmer and better weather than they had back home :) a lot less snow right?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WEtv Casting for Wedding Disasters, News FLASH..a "do over" is available!

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What?   A Wedding Do OVER???

We were just contacted by WeTv looking for weddings that were less than perfect, even damn near a disaster!  Seems they are casting for a reality show for a fabulous wedding "do over".  

We're happy to say that we can't think of a single wedding that we were a part of that would qualify for the dubious honor.  But please let us know know if you can think of one, we'd love to hear about it!  Email me, Christine at   Maybe we can help one of your friends have the wedding they had dreamed of ----sans the drama.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taking a moment to THANK all Active Duty and Retired Military! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

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Veterans Day 2010

This day is a sobering reminder of all that has been given on our behalf, and a celebration of all that we enjoy because of those sacrifices. As we continue to fight abroad, many of our soliders are still in harms way.  We take time to think of each of them and all they do for us.

Steve and I have been touched and blessed to share so many happy moments with many brides and grooms and their families who are serving in the military here in San Diego and abroad.... and surprised by the number of couples who are BOTH serving at the very same time.

We say thank you and know that your service is appreciated and we love that we are a part of such an important day for you and your families.

Our son Ben leading worship service for Marines

We wanted to share some of the photos from our  couples who have eloped with us and are currently serving in the military.  Our son, Ben is in the photos above and Steve who is a retired Captain in the Army below.

Steve on the left/bottom

If you have a last minute wedding or elopement in your future, here in San Diego,
we would love to help you have a beautiful, happy, affordable,
stylish wedding day on Coronado Beach with the ones you love.
While we promise lots of fun and a low stress day,
we can't promise that the Navy Seals won't be on the beach to share your day with you!

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