Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's another Reverse Wedding Commute to "Elope San Diego"!

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Caroline and Tony came to San Diego this week to be married with us.  

Over the last few years we've noticed a little trend.  The trend is that we are finding many, many couples love to travel from Las Vegas to San Diego for their elopements.  

Each and every year we have about 30 to 40 couples who make that "reverse commute" to San Diego to be married with us.  Steve and Christine Haslet of Elope San Diego.

We hear that for most  of the couples who live in and around Las Vegas,  the mere thought of being married in their fair city.... well, it's enough to make a grown man cry.  And that's where we come in.  We're happy to be here in San Diego, just a short drive or flight from Las Vegas to offer our fun elopement packages (with photography, rose petals, ceremony and more)  to those couples.

Caroline and Tony joyfully arrived in San Diego last week to be married by us, by the sea on Coronado Beach.  It was beautiful...okay, we didn't have  a lot of sunshine to offer them, but just the same, their day was filled with the laughter, love and joy they brought with them.  What a  fun happy family and group of friends.   Thank you, thank you Tony and Caroline for making our job so fun on Saturday!

Refreshing, Caroline and Tony totally "got" what do we!  Beautiful, simple, FUN elopement ceremony by the beach with family and friends.   We loved and appreciated what they chose to wear-- and the fact that Tony totally avoided a stuffy, hot black suit with shiny black shoes or that Caroline avoided that worrisome drama that accompanies the long gown with a cathedral train dragging through the sand and surf.

It was the perfect beach wedding in every way.  

What a darling, happy couple you two are !     

Here's what Tony and Caroline had to say about their wedding day with us last week:
Christine and Steve: Thank you both!!! We had a great time with you and everything went better than we had ever hoped.  You guys really do a great job.  We would love to be on your blog :)  Thank you again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Think "Elope San Diego" for Pet Friendly Beach Weddings on Coronado!

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 Think about how much fun it would be to include your dog at your wedding, then 
think about Christine and Steve at Elope San Diego, 
because they can make it happen for you in a big way! 

We really, really REALLY love weddings and elopements on Dog Beach on Coronado. It's a gorgeous off- leash area and we've done quite few elopement ceremonies in that spot.  It's so much fun. The off leash area is about 10 blocks North of The Hotel Del Coronado on Ocean Blvd.  

And as long as we are talking dog...we are pleased to partner with Doug, at DogTown San Diego and support their efforts to share all things dog here in San Diego.  The most exciting project right now is the new license plate campaign that everyone can participate in. 

Here in California too many pets lose their lives just because they simply don't have a home.
  The SNAP project is bringing attention to this huge problem by offering spay and neuter services, education and reaching as many people as possible who may not be able to afford the service.

Check out the new SNAP license plate campaign to support spaying and neutering in California. The plates will feature original artwork created and donated by distinguished actor and artist Pierce Brosnan. We're one of the first people to sign up for a new license plate helping to fund their efforts. Our new license plates will read ElopeSD with the new logo.  You can help by joining this very, very worthy cause and get your very own personalized plates too! It's so easy....   READ MORE HERE

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

please excuse us while we brag a little.....

grammy christine and our new grand baby ethan christopher

and isaiah his big brother

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Steve and Christine Haslet of Elope San Diego say Happy Anniversary to each other...23 years!

Tomorrow, June 20th 
we celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary!

Not a day goes by that we don't comment on how lucky we are.  We love that we get to work together everyday, and that we still love each other's company, that we have a life filled with sunshine, laughter and joy.
We embrace the work that we love, being part of other couples happiest day.  We love that we have great children..darling grandchildren and 2 hunks of fur called Riley and Daphne and 3 kitties called Tarzan, Beau and Abby.

photo taken by a tourist from Camas Washington April 2010
 in the Wrigley Memorial on Catalina Island
Steve haslet
Christine haslet

Monday, June 14, 2010

Easy Eloping this afternoon on Coronado Beach!!! A California Beach Destination Wedding

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Congrats Cathy and Denton
June 14, 2010
Your Wedding Celebration on Coronado Beach, California

Cathy and Denton eloped with us this afternoon, on a Monday on Coronado Beach.  It was a super gorgeous afternoon.... not just gorgeous but amazingly gorgeous for what we usually call our June Gloom month here in San Diego.... blue, blue skies and blue, blue ocean.
They were so happy and excited to share with us that they were another match 
"made in heaven"
having met through e-harmony!   
So once again, we say hooray for the internet... 
because that's how they found as well! 

With their families looking on they said "I do" this afternoon 
You have to check out the Denton's grandson above
 sampling the rose petals during the wedding ceremony.
Too cute for words! 

steve haslet wedding officiant
christine haslet photographer with Cathy and Denton
after the ceremony

flip flops, pretty flowers, lace dress, sun and sand
what a perfect little beach wedding!

Monday, June 7, 2010

BP Oil Spill in the Gulf...

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Pelicans covered in oil from the BP oil spill.

We wanted to let you know that Bird Rescue efforts are happening in the Gulf by the International Bird Rescue Research Center.   Their website is located at:  for more information and updates.  
Another great link from one of our favorite places ever...."Best Friends" Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah this link is providing information and updates about the effects of the oil spill on wildlife in the area.

Maybe it's because the beach is such an essential part of our lives, that we are so unbelievably sad about this oil spill.   Everyday we go to "work" and  look forward to spending our days and evening on our beautiful Coronado  beach-- celebrating with couples who have chosen to have a beach wedding on "our" beach. There aren't even words to express how much  we love to watch our dogs run and frolick in the sand and surf along the shores of our beaches here in San Diego.

Not only are we sad, but we've been made deeply aware that we can no longer take for granted our clean beach, our fresh air and beautiful ocean tides.  When we saw this photograph today of the pelicans, we were reminded how nearly every evening after our weddings, we watch as the pelicans dive on the horizon for their evening meal along our shoreline.  In short, we are touched very deeply by this oil spill in more ways than one.   We have fellow wedding officiants in Florida who are now being affected by what's happened with the spill and because of BP's accident and then followed by their inability to do any kind of damage control weeks after the fact.

I guess, we're feeling pretty helpless right now about this.  But then we're not the only ones.

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