Monday, February 27, 2012

It's out! The Story in New York Times about Dog Friendly Weddings-- An "Elope San Diego" Wedding Featured!

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Yippee!!!!  The print version of the article in the "New York Times" came out yesterday!   In case you haven't been following, it was an article about having your beloved dog (s) at your wedding/elopement .   Since this is something we specialize in, we were so excited to be included.   They somehow managed to spelled my name wrong...... but that's okay!  We got a nice little write up about the elopement and it was on real paper... not just on the internet :)  

If you have an elopement in the future or tiny wedding planned for the beach and you would like to include your dog (s) we'd love to help you!!  Here is the page on our website for more information!  Pet Friendly Weddings at Elope San Diego!  

woof, woof. 
christine and steve

christine and steve with their pups      photo by dennis mock san diego 2011

Friday, February 24, 2012

One of our Dog Friendly Beach Weddings Stories told in New York Times THIS weekend!

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 Brandy and Joshua are part of a new trend that people are starting to notice!   It's the trend of couples including their beloved critters in their wedding celebrations. 

Coming up in the Style/Wedding section of the "New York Times" this Sunday, Brandy and Joshua's wedding- held on Coronado Dog Beach with us is mentioned. 

Brandy and Joshua got married with us on 11/11/11 at 11am on Dog Beach on Coronado Island.  They chose our romantic Elope to San Diego  pet friendly package with photos, flowers, ceremony and of course, their beloved pups.   They were SO excited that they were able to include both of their beloved pups in their celebration.

Again, the story about their elopement ceremony with us will appear in this Sundays New York Times Style Wedding section.. Yippee!   The online version is out this morning and the link is below. 

We LOVE when couples bring their pups to their ceremonies... LOVE it!!  Here is a little more information about our services...Elope San Diego Pet Friendly Wedding info

brandy and joshua  11.11.11   

Sunday, February 19, 2012

....another eHarmony success story.....

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Singing the praises of eHarmony!  Congrats Carol and Anthony... they eloped with us last week to Coronado Beach on the most beautiful of days.....from just down the road...Imperial Beach.

xoxo christine and steve
thank you for being so much fun to work with :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Westminster Says "Shelter Dog" Ads Were Just TOO Sad For Their Audience???

 Seems that the Westminster folks don't REALLY care about dogs... oh, unless they are perfect.  Well, their idea of "perfect".    They've pulled Pedigree as a sponsor because they felt ads like this one:

were just too "upsetting" for their audience.  Can you imagine? They said people actually felt like they had to turn their heads or change the station because it was too upsetting. to see dogs behind bars.
 What kind of lame reasoning is that for not supporting these dogs who find themselves homeless through no fault of their own?  Turns out that they are in the shelter because their lameass  irresponsible human owners failed them, now it's going to cost 'em their poor little life......who wouldn't want to help a dog in need?  The folks at Westminster turns out... it wouldn't have even cost them any more money to do the right thing.   

We thank Pedigree for the work they do and the cause they support.  They are doing the "right" thing and it should be celebrated.  FOUR MILLION dogs and cats are killed with our tax dollars each and every year.  Our throw away society and our throw away pets---that should upset the lazy boy recliner folks watching the Westminster circus...... Just sayin'

We see this day in and day out and it breaks our hearts to know how many dogs that could be helped if we banded together to help solve this problem.

Spay and Neuter
Rescue and Adopt from Shelters
Support Dog Rescues in your neighborhood
Foster if you can

Make a difference!  

bailey at the shelter

Here are a couple of articles about this issue:

bailey RESCUED by Lucky Pup Dog Rescue

Jackson, rescued now a therapy dog!!

christine and steve

Elope San Diego
Home of the Dog Friendly Beach Weddings

founders of 501c3  animal rescue
Lucky Pup Dog

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Referral Program Starts THIS very week!!

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Elope San Diego Referral program Kicks off THIS week!  

Couples can now earn up to $100 for their referrals ! 

Seems our couples know just how smart they are by eloping, saving money, time, stress, and even sometimes saving their relationship... but now we're giving couples an incentive to share their secret.  

Eloping is a pretty smart, sexy way to get married these days. With the packages we have designed for couples celebrations....some with up to 23 guests, it's a hybrid of eloping and a small wedding, the best of all worlds.  Ceremony, beautiful photographs, fresh flowers, rose petals, and valet parking for the bride and groom.

Our referral program works like this: 
refer a couple who reserve our " just the ceremony" option receive a $25 gift card
refer a couple who choose the ceremony and tiny photo package, receive a $40 gift card
refer a couple who choose our basic 995 package receive a $50 gift card
refer a couple who choose 1495 package receive a $75 gift card
and a couple who choose the 2495 package receive a $100 gift card

Just be sure your friends or family members mention you by name and your wedding date.  Couldn't be easier.  

We'll also be sending out a little newsletter in the next day or so to couples who were married in the last few years.  We'd love to catch up with you if you have news you'd like to share with us!

Thanks for giving us the best job in the world. 


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