Saturday, September 25, 2010

Super fun Seattle couple elope with Steve and Christine Haslet of Elope San Diego!

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San Diego, is once again the destination for a fun loving Seattle couple choosing to elope! Marlaina and Collin had the most romantic ceremony as they eloped on Coronado Beach with our beautiful sunny San Diego weather, and our most amazing sunset over the horizon.

Here's what they had to say about their evening:

Christine and Steve,
Thank you SO much for helping make our wedding day PERFECT!  It truly was exactly the wedding we wanted.  And Christine – I was awed at some of the photos we looked at yesterday.  It really looks like you’ve got a gift.  I never thought I was that photogenic but your shots looked fabulous!
We had a wonderful romantic dinner last night at Prado – great recommendation.

Thanks for everything – it couldn’t have turned out more nicely!!

All the best,
Marlaina and Collin

you are so welcome... we're delighted you decided to Elope to San Diego with us.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Plight of Big Black Dogs

Today we wanted to take a moment on our blog and spread the word about the plight of the big black dog.  We were blown away by this and had no idea... so if our little blurb can save even one big black dog we are happy.  

We adopted our big black dog, Daphne our Rottie mix at the shelter, she's one FINE big black dog :)  Here are some pics with our grandson at the beach.  Daphne takes her big black dogness very seriously and was quite the mother hen with Isaiah! 

If you are thinking about a new pet, please adopt a shelter pet.  They are desperate for homes. 
Here is a link.  If you find a dog you love, there is always a way to get that dog to you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

woof.woof...helen woodward animal center dog surfing contest/fundraiser

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 Pet Friendly Weddings at Elope San Diego
with Steve and Christine Haslet

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have Sunday off and spend it in Del Mar at the Helen Woodward Annual Surf Dog Contest.   Dog lovers from all over the area got together to celebrate "DOG LOVE" in style.  Surfing, food, fashion show....Helen Woodward Center, a thirty year old pillar of our community here in the San Diego area does this every year.  

If you don't know about the work of the Helen Woodward Center,  you should know that the Center is an amazing no-kill shelter providing care and support for orphaned animals.  They also offer over the top animal-centered educational and therapeutic programs for people.

To say we had a blast, would be a major understatement!   We love being able to support the incredible work they do AND be entertained for most of an entire day.

Here are just a few of the photographs Christine took.

steve and our grandson isaiah at helen woodward center in july of this year

So.... remember dog lovers.... Steve and Christine Haslet of "Elope San Diego" offer the very best choice if you'd like to have a small wedding or elopement and include your beloved dog!  We work at the off-leash areas of San Diego and Coronado. Check out our website for more information, right here

and here are riley and daphne rose, our beloved adopted dogs!! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elope San Diego is just the place to have a great wedding day... Kayla and Aaron came all the way from the Seattle area for their elopement!

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Congrats Kayla and Aaron!

Kayla and Aaron just eloped with us, they traveled from the Seattle area with a few of their close family and friends.  It's probably not a big deal to anyone else, but since that's where we're from, we think it's kind of cool. In fact, we were living in Seattle when we came to San Diego and honeymooned on this very same beach, Coronado Beach 23 years ago.  Call us sentimental, but we feel like it's something really special for us: to be able to work and play on the very same beach. We are creating happy memories almost every day.

The day was perfect- we managed to have some Seattle weather for Kayla and Aaron- all of it--the gray, the clouds, but thankfully no rain.  Cool, cloudy and comfortable, seems everyone felt right at home. Thanks Kayla and Aaron, for choosing us to share your day! 
christine and steve

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun & Easy Ways To Announce That "You've Eloped" !

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You've done it!  You've thrown caution to the wind and you've had that beautiful romantic beach wedding without any of the drama. You're one smart cookie as they say... and we say CONGRATS !    It's one of the best decisions you've ever made. 

There comes a time,  when you have want to let your family and friends know about your adventure and your decision to elope.   In this day and age, you have loads of options available. Couples can choose to make their announcements in lots of different ways.. some of which we've described below.

If your elopement was planned ahead, many couples will hold a reception in their home town after they elope and return. It's a time when friends and family... all of your loved ones can celebrate your new marriage.  Often times, receptions are planned at the last minute after you return home when the word is out about your elopement.  In either case, invitations that are sent for such gatherings, would naturally include the announcement of your elopement.

However, if your elopement is going to be a surprise to those around you,  letting loved ones know about an elopement by formal announcement is a very popular way get the word out.  They are often very similar to a wedding invitations, without the RSVP card.  They can be worded in a similar fashion, or something much less formal.  It's a great idea to either include a photograph or have a photo placed on the announcement.  This thoughtful gesture gives everyone a little keepsake and a memory of your day.

A couple of small things that a newlywed couple should be keep in mind:  announcements, if you opt for them, should go out as quickly as possible.  This is especially important if you had been planning a wedding, you want to let people know there isn't going to be a wedding on a specific date. Also it's considered a bit on the tacky side to include any references to gifts  (where you are registered, don't send gifts, etc... actually no reference to gifts at all is best).

And, of course there are less formal ways to announce your elopement: the telephone, Facebook, YouTube or telling your grandmother so she can send it through the grapevine of family and friends-- but sending out a fun announcement is a really wonderful, personal way to share the excitement of the adventure that you just had!

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