Monday, September 30, 2013

Eloping is Easy, And Now There Are Even More Reasons to Elope !

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 Eloping just seems to make sense for so many couples...

Maybe you're that fun offbeat couple, or you want to ditch the guests, or maybe you've been living together so long people think you're already married.... maybe you don't want to spend the budget of a small country for one evening of fun.  Whatever the reason and there are so very many reasons that ELOPING makes perfect sense for many couples these days. 

You too, (or you two)  can be the "runaway couple" having the time of your life.

We found this article in the Huffington Post.  
not OUR readers, but the readers of the Huffington Post :)   
Here it is !

You knew it was coming, and here it is:  a shameless plug from "Elope San Diego" letting you know how easy it is to elope with us.  We have great  elopement packages and services, and couples love, love, love it!

Think about Elope San Diego when it's time to tie the knot. Just the two of you or a few close friends and family. We offer affordable, fanciful beach packages with gorgeous photography, wonderful flowers, sandy beach, and romantic ceremony.

No arches, No chairs, No drama -- that's us! 


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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reminded today of how important every day is....

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Yesterday morning we received a phone call from one of our grooms who had been married just the week before. 
I remembered Bill instantly, he and Trisha had been so "extra" appreciative of us and the little weddings we do on the beach in Coronado.  They were one of those couples that we absolutely love to work with.  I recall, as we are walking off the beach, saying how lucky we are to have such a great job and
incredible couples who "get" what we do. 

 It was funny, because Bill and Trisha said we "practically provide a community service" ... a fun, beautiful, affordable, quick wedding option!  We never really thought of it that way.  They had both been married previously and knew first hand how weddings spiral out of control, and huge amounts of
money that can be spent for an evening of fun.

Bill, the groom called me yesterday morning to tell me his beautiful bride of only a few days passed away very suddenly, from a brain clot.  Over. Done. 
He was overwhelmed with grief. 

Before he hung up the phone, he said he was sad because she didn't get to see her wedding photos, and relive the  great time that day.  Then he said....
that is all he has left to remember that happy day with her.

It was a  sobering moment, we went out the beach last night and had several weddings in the same spot. As I Iooked out to sea,
 I couldn't help but think of how sad this was, but I was also struck with how
important our work is.  

We both took a moment to reflect on how much we mean to each other, and how many lives we touch.  As trite as it sounds, we were reminded of how fleeting life can be. . .

bill and trisha  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

And From The .... "In Our Spare Time"...section

Everyone has a hobby and this is ours!  When we're not at the beach photographing weddings and marrying couples who are eloping with us-- this is what we do to "give back"

We were touched by one of our brides over the weekend by a very generous donation to our dog rescue.  We were so very touched! 

So we say....thank you Miss  "D" for the huge donation this weekend to our dog rescue.  We were there to celebrate your day and you made ours.

Thank you!

christine and steve 

Consider a rescue dog for your next pet adoption.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a labor of love.... six labor day weekend wedding "elopements"

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 A great weekend to be married in San Diego
fantastic, affordable elopement packages at the beach and Balboa park.. so fun !

If you want to be part of the Elope San Diego's eloping family,
 it's super easy.

Just send us a quick note and let us know where
 and when and we'll be there for you.

Here is our website:

We have a quick little contact form here

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