Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love Conquers all.....

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Love Conquers All ! 

From across the world, two very different people find each other and fall in love.... they marry on their two year anniversary of meeting.  The stuff of dreams. 

But what a journey to arrive on the beaches of Coronado last night!  
Ely from Puerto Rico and Gareth from New Zealand.  The distance aside, after navigating a long distance relationship for nearly two years, the date is set and the wedding is on.  

But just five days before the wedding Ely is attacked... by none other than her very own gall bladder!  Just days before she is schedule to jump on a plane with Gareth and Elope to San Diego, she is in the hospital undergoing major surgery. 

We have to say, this young couple have the stuff to make their marriage last... they were in great spirits last night and had thee most beautiful ceremony at sunset with us.  They were so happy, they glowed!  Seriously, glowed!!

We wish you all the VERY best!  Thank you for choosing us to be part of your very special evening.

christine and steve 

Sand Castle by Bill Pav: Thank you, Bill for always being such a happy face on the beach and for building such incredible sand castles for us to enjoy!!!  Ely and Gareth LOVED your sand castle!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

HAPPY, HAPPY Couples "Elope To San Diego" on Memorial Day Weekend!

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Has it REALLY been a month since we've been here to blog? 
Say it isn't so......

Turned out to be a very busy, busy weekend for couples getting married around here in San Diego and on Coronado Beach.  The weather was gorgeous, it couldn't have been more perfect... and we had one special ceremony that was over the top:   Bambi and Joseph celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary!
bambi and joseph
bambi and joseph
We asked them what their secret was, Joseph was quick to say, "We never go to bed mad at one another" .... then he added, "When we met, we knew we were soul mates!"  Bambi agreed and grabbed his hand.  How wonderful is that?

We wish all of our couples who were married over the weekend the good fortune that Bambi and Joseph have had together!  We're celebrating 25 years of marriage in June as well!

Congrats to all :)

xoxo  christine and steve

lyn and george
krystal and randy
norma and dave

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