Monday, July 30, 2012

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Couple remarries after
50 years apart !  

Finding love again at age 85 ?

Over the last 25 years of performing and photographing weddings, Steve and I have celebrated with quite a few couples who rekindled their love affairs! 

Romance that blossoms and leads to another trip down the aisle.... friendship that catches fire!  The decision to give things another try... a second time a lot wiser and a lot more sure of the decision to spend the journey together. 

Congrats to all those couples we've reunited over the last twenty five years :) 

christine and steve

We offer the perfect little elopement ceremonies for the second time around. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con Elopement Last NIght!!!

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When Kelsey and Tom planned their trip to Comic-Con this year in San Diego.... Love was definitely in the air.  Their first trip on plane together from Middletown, Pennsylvania where they live..brought them to our beautiful beaches of San Diego to get married..ELOPE !

  They had planned just a quick trip to the courthouse, but Kelsey's sister, Sherry had a different plan for them.  Meet Sherry = wedding planner AND sister extraordinaire! 

We should all be so lucky as to have a thoughtful, generous sister like Sherry.  With a wave of her wand from clear across the county, she created a dream come true wedding for Kelsey and Tom.  A romantic sunset beach wedding on Coronado Beach... rose petals on the sand in the shape of heart..everything was just perfect.

Kelsey and Tom said "I do" as the sun was setting and kissed at sunset.  

And Thursday there would be little time for kissing.... because their day would be filled with all the adventures of Comic Con... San Diego's world famous convention of all things comic book :)... 130,000 fans can't be wrong! 

Haven't heard of Comic Con? Here is their wikipedia page.

And here is our website if you having eloping in your future! 

Congrats Kelsey and Tom!

christine and steve

elope san diego

wedding photographer:  christine haslet
san diego wedding officiant steve haslet
flowers: christine

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happily Ever After Story of a Different Kind....

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When we saw a little dog named Lillie at the San Bernardino City shelter who was scheduled to be killed that very afternoon..
because her "time was up" we wanted to help.  
San Bernardino City Shelter here in Southern California
kills 80% of the dogs who walk thru the doors.

  Since we are an official rescue at that shelter,
(Lucky Pup Dog Rescue of San Diego
we arranged with Susan to have her pulled from the shelter.   Since it's a hundred miles away, and we are always on the hunt for people to help
transport pups to our rescue here in San Diego. 

 We found a volunteer on Facebook to pick her up.  We were so excited to be able to save her life.   And as it turned out that wasn't the only thing to be excited about.  Our new volunteer transporter wasn't just ANY volunteer..... it was Melissa.... one of our brides that we had married and photographed 5 years ago on Solana Beach! 

And if that wasn't the coolest thing.... it turns out the Melissa and her hubby fell head over heels in love with Lillie and adopted her.  WOW!
Talk about a small world and a double "happily ever after" story..

If YOU are interested in helping out with the homeless dog situation... adopting an amazing dog in DIRE and we do mean DIRE need of a home is a generous and loving thing to do.   Please feel free to contact us if you have room in your heart and home for a new friend. 
Rescuing a shelter dog is the thing to do.

Call us: 858 945 8341 or visit our rescue site here
and drop us a note. 

We are also always in need of reliable foster homes in the San Diego, California area
for 3-6 month time periods


Check out our dog rescue website for the pups we have available right this minute.

christine and steve

Lillie  RESCUED !!

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