Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christine and Steve Speak to the Board of Supervisors Regarding Devore Animal Shelter

It's no secret that Steve and I are huge animal lovers, we are  the only wedding/elopement service around in Southern California that actually specializes in Pet Friendly Weddings.  We work with a lot of very, very lucky dogs and we LOVE it!

But there are some very unlucky dogs just down the road a bit in San Bernardino County, trapped in a shelter called Devore.  We have personally rescued about 20 dogs since we found out about this place last fall.  Sadly, this shelter continues to kill 2/3 of the dogs and cats that enter the shelter, they have refused to allow volunteers in the shelter.  They have refused to create a viable adoption program.  Odd because, county shelters all over California have literally thousands of volunteers, they LOVE FREE HELP!! Yet the head of Animal Control, Brian Cronin says
it's just too "grim" to have volunteers who love animals work there.
(is he serious?

PLEASE take a moment to read this article  about Devore Shelter that was published on Tuesday immediately after our presentation, you will see what we are up against.  Devore actually admits to killing about 2/3 of the animals that enter their shelter and feel it's okay because that's what other shelters do. In a race to the bottom, they have only saved about eight thousand animals out of the THIRTY THOUSAND animals they took in last year. This is happening because they simply don't care enough to do the things they need to do to help find animals homes and get them adopted. Did I mention they refuse to allow volunteers in the shelter? Why yes, I think I did.  Dogs and cats are simply killed after 4 days. They sit in a shelter located in the middle of no where, with no chance of even being seen and await their fate.

Devore Shelter in San Bernardino County has a 30 million dollar budget and only 90 kennels, it is the LARGEST county in the country.  Something is seriously wrong.  It's a place that works very poorly with rescues and often accidentally kill dogs and cats that have homes waiting for them due to "clerical errors". We are working hard to expose and improve conditions for the dogs. 

this darling dog was euthanized in Feb due to clerical error at devore shelter
and is not an isolated case by any means

If you agree, we welcome your support!   

Here are some ideas of things you could do-- to help us work towards solving this problem: 

Write a letter to the editor of the "Sun" after you read the story they printed above.
The Sun welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must be signed and include an address and phone number. Letters may be edited for length, clarity and grammar. Letters should be e-mailed to

Call and/or Email the Animal Control Chief Officer BRIAN CRONIN:
brian cronin animal control

his phone number: 909.387.9152

EMAIL the Board of Supervisors who are responsible for what goes on in their district:
Josie Gonzales,

Follow our journey on FB

You can make a donation on our website, to help pay for fostering dogs, preparing our 501c 3, rescuing dogs that go into fosters, helping other people who are adopting and fostering, we receive pleas for $ to help with spay/neuters

Devore's available dogs are located here on their website.  
Please excuse the crappy photos, we offered to buy them a camera and take photos but they refused our donation. Did I mention they don't want any volunteers snooping around the place.

Spay and neuter your pets

FOSTER A DOG that is waiting to be adopted, we can help find one for you! (we have 3 right now at our house)

ATTEND THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETINGS IF YOU LIVE IN SAN BERNARDINO, or ANYWHERE in Southern California, we drive from San Diego.   You can speak for 3 minutes at the meetings.  They are held at 385 N Arrowhead San Bernardino 1st floor 909 387 2020.
Tuesday at 9:30 check in, upcoming dates in 2011:
July 12, July 26, August 9, August 23, Sept 13, Sept 27, October 4, October 18

HELP US WITH OUR ADOPTION EVENTS ON SUNDAY AFTERNOONS IN NORTH PARK at our local vets office  1-4 held twice month.  Starting in August.

If you care about helping some really wonderful homeless dogs and cats, there is something that everyone can to do help with-even you.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

christine and steve

YouTube made by our friends! YouTube about Devore! Made by our supporters
Lou Wegner, Malese Jow, Davin Fox. thank you guys :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

LuCkY, LuCkY 7 ! Wonderful "Elope To San Diego"..Brady Bunch style!

Congrats to Tiffany and Garry of Apple Valley, California!   What a fantastic afternoon!   Your kids are amazing and we loved being part of your celebration.  Thank you for choosing us to elope with... and thank you for choosing San Diego.  Seriously! 
christine and steve

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Someone who touched our life...

Today, sadly we learned that someone who has really touched our life passed away.
Victor Arredondo, Parking Auditor at the Hotel Del Coronado.  He was a young man by any standards, suddenly taken. Victor was warm, friendly, caring and the kind of guy who would always stop to ask how you were doing-- sure, he had a job to do, but after 12+ years at the hotel....he still cared a lot about what he was doing.
Victor handled the cool valet passes we give our clients.  He was always making sure our couples were taken care of on the day of their elopement.  Victor was one of those people who always went the extra mile. 
He always had something nice to say and a smile for us. 
He loved his dogs and many times he would have a story to share about them.

We will miss you Victor.  Thank you for every smile and warm wishes you shared with us.  You will be missed.

christine and steve

Monday, June 20, 2011

Seems "Elope San Diego" Is Most Popular With Couples From Arizona!

A great majority of our couples travel from Arizona to be married with us. They love our mild weather, our warm sunshine and our beautiful beaches. It's the perfect place to elope.

Tim and Megan traveled from Arizona this weekend to "Elope To San Diego" here's a sneak peek at their photos.

Steve performed and officiated their ceremony
  while Christine took some pretty pictures for them !

Congrats from Steve and Christine

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bridal Gowns.... you don't have to spend a small fortune!

Interesting fluffy little article below on the price of wedding gowns.... seems the average bride spends a little over a grand on her gown (that from 2009 stats from but of course you don't have to be average.....  please don't be average, you're better than that! 

We're all for saving a little money, and of course, bride choosing her "own style", retro, vintage, beachy...  this little article below has  some tips about how to go about just that.

Then, we can save even more by choosing to Elope!  We have great elopement packages that start around 800.00 for just the two of you... including gorgeous photographs, beautiful fresh flowers, rose petals in the sand, personalized romantic ceremony, valet parking... and best of all NO STRESS! 

We always say... at least think about it!  

christine and steve

 ARTICLE: what to wear? what to wear on that BIG day...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gina and Shayne...Eloping in San Diego... all the way from Jacksonville Florida!

AND this just in! 

Shayne and I wanted to thank you for delivering the wedding of our dreams. We appreciate that you were on time, professional, fun, and truly happy to marry us. We were overjoyed to have a beautiful, simple, and meaningful ceremony without the stress! We are so excited to see Christine’s pictures and share them with our friends and family. Once again, thank you for being part of our big day and making it such a wonderful memory that we will never forget.
Shayne and Gina Martin

Gina & Shayne, NOOOOOOOO... thank you!  We were  happy that you found us all the way from Florida!  And, the fact that you have wedding ceremonies happening right outside your front door-- you still traveled across the county to be married on Coronado Beach. Wow..from Florida to San Diego... 

We love that you were both so much fun to work with :) and totally "got" what we do for couples.  Wasn't the weather amazing? Why, yes it was!

 xoxo christine and steve
858 945 8341
small, boutique style elopements on coronado beach, ca

photography: christine haslet     flowers  christine haslet
ceremony officiated:  steve haslet

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Never any June gloom for those who" Elope To San Diego"!

Seems it's all relative-- Nikki and Bryan came all the way from Chicago to "Elope To San Diego" on Tuesday.  They mentioned our weather was spectacular in comparison to the windy city of Chicago.

Okay, we did have just a little of our June gloom, but I don't think anyone really noticed...  the ceremony was perfect, the bride radiant and everyone had a fantastic time. 
Nikki's brother played the guitar as Nikki and Brian came down the beach to be married, they kissed for the first time as husband and wife next to beautiful sand castle.. picture perfect.  Just their closest family and friends, in a circle around them as they promised to love another til the end of time.... it was perfect by any measure. 

Congrats Nikki and Bryan!

If you have a romantic, dreamy day in mind for your wedding day, check us out!
christine and steve

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