Friday, December 30, 2011

SUPER Fun Dog Beach Family Wedding!

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Toni and John tied the knot on Monday on Dog Beach on Coronado Island with their 4 children, a perfect evening to elope with us...we think the pics say more than we could ever say with words!

christine and steve

Congrats!!!  Toni and John and family and mia

Saturday, December 24, 2011

We hate to go on and on and on and on about the dogs...BUT...

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This wonderful little article was just published last night in the Examiner... 
by Sharon about our work with the rescue dogs....

a few of our critters...

And some really wonderful news, one of our awesome brides Sara S is our FIRST bride to step up and offer to be a foster mum for our pups, by doing this for us, she helps us to save more dogs by multiplying homes for them until they are adopted.  

Thank you Sara, she saved Snickers last night, on her VERY last day....Sara drove all the way to San Bernardino to rescue her.  She even gave her the cutest name EVER....

As  you can see Sara has her hands full,
but she is making the time to help us.  THANK YOU!!! 

snickers at the shelter two days ago
snickers last night. after her spay and bath at sara's house

christine and steve

If you can help with fostering, please, please let us know.  We need a you for 4-6 week time period in most cases... let us know!

and this just in . . .  

Justinna and Bryon have also volunteered to foster for us!
They were married just a few weeks ago.
Thank you for helping us rescue more shelter dogs.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Charity "Lucky Pup Dog Rescue" is the featured charity for "Give the Deal"!

For the next several weeks, the non profit charity we founded to rescue dogs in the Southern California area, "Lucky Pup Dog" is the featured charity for Give the Deal here in San Diego.  You can read more about their fantastic program here.  We are honored and excited to have been selected.

  You can read more about our work on our website:

pin up pups available for adoption RIGHT NOW :) 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A great day for ice cream!

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One should never be too busy to stop for ice cream .... 

What a great way to start your life off as a married couple!  

Katy and Jon were on their way down to the beach to say their I do's.. and were overwhelmed by the smell of baking waffle cones.. 

We all looked at each other and said..."Why not" ? 

  While their family and friends were waiting for them down at the beach, they stopped in for snack.  And as it turns out, it was "on the house"  FREE ICE CREAM!  

What's better than that, I ask?
Thank you Moo Time Creamery at The Hotel Del Coronado

congrats katy and john 
dec 17 2011 
all the way from jewett city, ct 
to elope in san diego

thanks for being so much fun to work with :) 
Merry Christmas
christine and steve

Thursday, December 15, 2011

SAY IT ISN'T SO........

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Say it isn't so.....America's Rash Retreat From Marriage???

We were more than a little surprised  to find the latest data showing that unmarried adults now almost outnumber those who are married.  

And within a few years, the majority of adults over 18 will be single.  A first!  

You can read the entire article here, it's pretty interesting turn of events. 

Here is a our new video of couples who decided that marriage was just right for them... and eloping with "Elope San Diego" was the coolest, most affordable way to celebrate their love....  done and done !! 

Okay, it's true.....we're a little biased, because THIS year we'll not only be celebrating  25 of years of marriage, but 25 years of marrying couples! 

christine and steve

Sunday, November 27, 2011

You can help our dog rescue without spending a penny!

Find out right here:

 AdoptAShelter has an amazing program to support rescue groups like ours.  Because of all of your support, we are one of the first rescues to receive a check ( 1 of only 8!)

Thank you!
Christine and Steve


Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Congrats to Jennifer and Perry !

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Happy Thanksgiving to Jennifer and Perry who picked a great date to be married, a great place to be married and an anniversary that will be hard to forget !

christine and steve


lookie at our flower options, and rose petals....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/11/11 ....whew!!! Congrats to all the happy couples we shared our day with!

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We had our fingers crossed Thursday night --for a carefree day on the beach with all of our couples for a most day 11/11/11 and it worked!  Nary a drop of rain fell.  Everyone remembered their licenses and all were on time!   Our daughter Jennifer helped us with our elopement ceremonies, and 15 couples eloped to San Diego on Friday with our company!  Congrats to everyone and thank you for being on time and so much fun to work with! Congrats.... the licenses have all been filed and the photos will be ready in a few weeks.
christine and steve (AND jennifer!)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We love it when we hear from our happy couples that "Eloped to San Diego" with us.

gina and shane 5/2011

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This week we received some wonderful thank you notes from some of our very favorite clients! 

Christine and Steve –

Just wanted to thank you once again for the absolutely amazing wedding photos. Last night I finally got around to making my wedding scrapbook (yes, I know it’s been 5 months) and the pictures make me smile. You really captured the romantic, playful  feel of our big day. You are the best! Thank you.

Gina and Shane

Eloped to San Diego
May 2011

rachel and adam august 2008
Christine and Steve,  I was taking a walk down memory lane and looking at your website.I am so grateful for your pictures, the ease and beauty of that day, and Steve making the ceremony so special.  It was everything we wanted!

Love,  Rachel & Adam Lyon 
August 13, 2008,  Coronado

Steve and Christine,

Steven and I would like to thank you for being a part of our day and making it special; we couldn't have asked for a more perfect ceremony and stress free day. We just received the pictures (wow, that was fast!) and they are beautiful! they took us back to that special moment. I can't believe how busy Coronado beach was that day and how talented you are in capturing just us and our family in the photos! Very impressive!
I may have a couple referrals for you; it seems like we are not the only ones out there who just want to keep it simple and intimate and that's exactly what you provide.

We wish the best for you both and to all the happy couples you meet.
Gina and Steve
October 2011
gina and steven  october 2011

We love hearing how happy we've made you!!  Know that if you are considering an elopement on the beach, a destination wedding on the beach, think about eloping to our beautiful beaches in California, specifically San Diego beaches, we're in!
(for very small groups under 25 people)

christine and steve

Seems we have the greatest job on the planet, SERIOUSLY!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We say nuff already!!!  .... see this story here... although if this was her aisle to walk down, she may be texting her wedding coordinator to say WTH what THE heck?  We've heard of backyard weddings, but is  this a "front yard" wedding?   LOVE the stop sign in the background.  You don't see enough of those at weddings these days....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Six MoRe Pups Adopted this week-- Rescued from death row! Before and After...

jackson now!   3 months old
Woof!  Woof!  Something to really howl about this week...

This week we found homes for six more dogs that we rescued on their very last day from a very high kill shelter in San Bernardino about 125 miles from our home. (A shelter with a paltry 25% adoption rate for dogs)

We found incredible, loving homes for Rocket, Bella Bee, Bailey, Harley, Lola and Jackson.  You can see their before and after pics-- you'll be able to see why we do this work and what a change a day can make for these critters.

jackson at the shelter
Harley and Lola are the puppies that were born at the shelter, 5 puppies all together, we  rescued mom and babies just 12 hours after their birth.  All of their brothers and sisters were adopted earlier.  Mom dog, Lulu went to live in Malibu with Connie several weeks ago.  A happily ever after story if there ever was one for each of these dogs.......

Why are we telling you about this?  Because we're SO EXCITED to be able to do this work.  We also wanted you to know that If you are even thinking about a adopting a dog, we have some great ones right now... and if you live far away, please, please  go to your local shelter!  About FOUR MILLION healthy, homeless dogs are killed each year.  You can be part of the solution.  You don't have to be crazy dog people, like us....and have dogs everywhere.  But you can help in other ways.  We have a website with our pups, and a place to donate to help our cause. It's located at: 

We also want you to know that if you can't adopt one of our dogs, or any dog for that matter.  You can help us by sponsoring a dog.  With a monthly donation for food, that's $20.00 or to help us "a dog a month" for $80.00. Wonder what we do with your donations?  Donations to our 501c3 help us with adoption fees, pay vet bills, vaccinations, worming, shampoo, mani's and pedi's, food, toys, blankets, spay/neuter, flea treatments, meds..whew.....

Bailey now
Our fee to rescue a dog is $80.00, that goes to our shelter, and includes the spay/neuter.  Think about this: you could save a shelter dog in honor of your wedding day for $80.00.   How cool would that be?  We'll keep you updated all the way through the process until they are adopted. Think about it.   It's the most fun tax deductible donation you could make all year!
Bailey at the shelter

bella bee now

bella bee at the sheleter
Our next adoption event is THIS SUNDAY, October 30th at the Canine Carnival in Ocean Beach here in San the DUSTY RHODES DOG PARK.  10-4. 
You can see Maggie, our Senior Bernese Mountain Dog mix, Rosie the Chi, Leon and Jack both Chi's, Holstein and a few others-- all looking for great homes.

christine and steve
harley with his brothers and sisters 


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Congrats Gina and Steven! Thank you for choosing Elope San Diego :)

Super fun elopement ceremony last night with Gina and Steven.... we wish you all the best! 

christine and steve

 Hey...It's not too late to book your elopement for November 1 or November 11. We have a couple of spots on both of those reallly popular days.... 11/1/11 AND 11/11/11.  Our daughter Jennifer is helping on the 11th and she has a couple of spots as well, for just the ceremony with rose petals.
Send us a quick email with your plans :) or give christine a call  858 945 8341

his and hers....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Best Barefoot Ceremonies Around... Elope San Diego!

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We continue to stand by our claim of having the best barefoot elope ceremonies around!! Just ask our happy couples.....

Low stress, Easy Elope... we'll not only marry you, we'll even make your bouquet, have your car valet parked and photograph you beautifully in under an hour!  You can be married in great style, without all the drama...and expense.

Check out our website: for all the details....
christine and steve

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