Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June (Love is in the Air)

The month of June found us to be super busy... it began with Christine's trip to Seattle. She spoke at Seattle Professional Photographers Association... on the hottest day of the year for Seattle... it was 90 degrees!..
Christine also had the opportunity to visit with our muse...our mentor.. Dee Miller. Dee is 80 now, and we have her to thank for helping get started back in the 1980's with all of the wonderful weddings we've done over the years. It was wonderful to see her, catch up and meet her gorgeous dog, Daisy. She is our inspiration for our ElopeSanDiego.com

We celebrate OUR 22 nd wedding anniversary this month! We took a little time off and just for fun we attended a fundraiser for PAWS over the weekend of June 13th and had great time, this was the third year we've supported their efforts. We even managed to win tickets for Spamalot in the silent auction. We LOVE the great work that PAWS does for our community.

We've got 27 elopements on Coronado beach in June!

Gotta run, put on the sun screen and get down to the beach for another fun day with one of our couples! TTFN (ta ta for now!)