Friday, December 27, 2013

ELOPING..It's the Ultimate for the OffBeat Bride!

It's true, we've always loved the offbeat bride,
and we just found a great blog to celebrate just that. 

And today on the OffBeat Bride blog ( say that fast 3 times)
they are talking about petticoats!  

Who knew they were making such a come back?

  The blog mentioned a great site for all things
colorful, crinoline and fun: 

For your petticoat to show a little, you'll need a short dress
...did we mention how PERFECT
that would be for the kind of beach weddings
we offer here in San Diego? 

It's true, we are still surprised at how many brides arrive in a cathedral length gown
fretting about getting sand on their gown. 
Not to mention the poor groom
sweating because he has been stuffed into a TUXEDO for the beach. 

We say, have fun, choose relaxed fun clothing that reflects the
simplicity of beautiful beach elopement. 

Here is the
"OffBeat Bride blog
for you to follow, have fun!  

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wonderful Past Clients of Ours!

We were so excited to see this story about one of clients, Jon Kitna!  

Jon and Jeni are clients of our when we were in Seattle when he played for the Seattle Seahawks.    I had the honor of photographing their family and each of their little ones when they were tiny --creating beautiful baby portraits of each of them. 
beautiful baby kitna :)

Just saw this article which tells me they are very same happy, grounded,
generous, loving family they always were! 
Jon's grandmother use to live next door to Steve's mom in Yakima.

We've attached the article below....  we weren't the least bit surprised to see that Jon is donating his NFL salary to the high school he works out in Tacoma, Washington. 

I was delighted to find a current photo of their family taken at the Portland Fellowship of Christian Athletes
(which sadly, I didn't take and didn't see a photographer to give credit to....)

What a beautiful family!

another great story about his work:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Tis The Season.....

Funny, on December 1st, I clearly remember thinking just how organized I was....

Well, that was December 1st.... now I find myself sitting at the computer,
Christmas eve wondering
where all the time went.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year !
I'd stay and write more, but I'm so far behind every second counts today. 


Friday, December 13, 2013

Last Minute San Diego Weddings & Elopements Still Available!

We still have a few spots left for a wonderful
San Diego beach elopement
over the holidays. 

Coronado Beach, simply beautiful.
Elopement packages with the ceremony, great photos,
valet parking and flowers
for under a grand.

Give us a call 858 945 8341 
or check out our website here

And if you don't believe us, here is a great article giving you 
7 reasons to elope   ( you remember how lucky 7 is  )

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Over 60,000 visitors and a new name to boot! Welcome "Barefoot San Diego Weddings"

We started our little "Elope San Diego" blog many years ago, and this month we hit over 63,000 visitors, and our YouTube video of wedding images hit over 17,000!  


In celebration of our success we have a new name for our blog 

 "San Diego Barefoot Weddings"

 It best describes what we offer.  
Unstuffy, happy,low stress ceremonies on the beach or in the neighborhood parks.

No arches...No chairs....No drama ! 

Yeah, there are plenty of other companies in the area that offer all the traditional hoopla, but that's not us.  At the end of the day, we happen to think your marriage is a whole lot more important than having an expensive, stressful wedding. 
This sentiment comes from a couple who have been married for 26 years, worked together and who have been a part of over 3500 weddings since 1987.

That said, we love to have a great time with you, to include your dogs, your kids, your close family and friends...but remember.. we only do tiny weddings for groups under 25.
We know we're not for everyone, and that's okay with us. 

The couples that do choose to work with us love what we offer,
and we happen to have a 99% approval rating! 

Check out our elopement packages here

Or give us a call, last minute weddings are our favorites :) 


christine and steve

Saturday, November 30, 2013


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Recently ENGAGED?

Last Minute Holiday Weddings Are Wonderful!

The whole family is together, and YOU just got engaged...
why not take the plunge
and have your wedding with just a few family and friends
Right NOW ? 

We offer low stress elopement packages 
for small groups on beautiful Coronado Beach. 

Fun and Affordable. 

You'll be in great hands...
we've joined over 3500 couples in the last 25 years! 

Give us a call  or visit our website here for more information

Happy Holidays and Congrats

christine and steve 
858 945 8341

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sneak peek of the family holiday card!

Stationery Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Can You Believe This is November?

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I still pinch myself when I think of spending November in San Diego.
 Just look at that sunset and beach on Coronado! 

Tonight, with a perfect sunset  and a perfect little wedding..
a barefoot elopement ceremony on the beach!  

A fun, no stress wedding day... it's the only way to go.
Congrats J and J  

xoxo christine and steve

Elope San Diego

Monday, November 4, 2013

Do You REALLY Want To Leave This to Chance?

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Some thoughts about wedding photography. . . .

 It was twenty six years ago last month when I shot my first wedding in Seattle. The venue was stark, dark and a little depressing, but I didn't care.   I was hired to shoot my first wedding! Not satisfied to just do the job and be on my way, I suggested to the couple, (damn... I wish I could remember their names) that we zip over to Green Lake and take some photos of the two of them together that actually looked like they were having fun. I wanted to do an "over the top" great job for them. They loved the photographs and placed a order that doubled their initial fee. Voila!  A wedding photographer was born!  The year was 1987 and being the practical girl that I am, I bought a brand new vacuum cleaner with my booty.

Voila!  A wedding photographer was born!  

The year was 1987, think: no internet  (I know, it's almost unthinkable) I managed to find dozens upon dozens of new clients by hitting the courthouse and sending out cute little postcards to the marriage license applicants.  I was able to use the actual handwritten application of the bride and groom within a day of their visit to the courthouse in downtown Seattle.  Marriage license information is (was) public information.   

It didn't hurt that I was only charging a hundred dollars.  I had a decent portfolio ( you remember portfolios, don't you?)   I had been taking photos since grade school, and photography classes in high school and college.  I grew up with a dark room in our basement.  My dad loved photography, and so did I.  I managed to find weddings on Saturdays in various parks and churches, sneak in and grab a few shots, once while camping in Carnation, just outside of Seattle, a bride and groom arrived with their photographer to take some photos on the bridge over the river.  I could hardly breath....what a opportunity to add more photos to my book!  I was all over that, their photographer was so nice, he let me grab a few shots. 
My portfolio looked like I'd been shooting for years. With my unbridled enthusiasm and my little portfolio and bargin basement prices I shot 100 weddings my first year.  It was a goal I set, and met. The next year I shot 99 weddings.  Of course, as you can guess that was not sustainable, given how stressful weddings can be. My third year, my goal was to shoot 25 weddings and to increase my fees to make the same amount of money that I made shooting a 100 weddings.  Again, I was able to meet my goals.
Fast forward to these days.. after several thousand weddings, I am photographing weddings for our company " Elope San Diego".  I work on the beaches of San Diego and Coronado California.  I work barefoot and on the beach.  The beach is my office.  It's fantastic!   This chapter has had it's challenges and it's rewards.  I have created an elopement package that has stripped away most all of the drama that surrounds weddings, and wedding photography. I work with my hubby Steve who performs ceremonies.  Together, we specialize in "elopement packages" on the beach, no more than 25 people.  We offer a unique service that includes all of the fun,and none of the stress of the traditional wedding.  We even offer pet friendly weddings with dogs on the beach. 

I am challenged these days by a shift in the value of photography.  Wedding photography seems to have been devalued in a way I never thought possible.  I have brides who call and email who don't want to invest even the minimum amount of money on photography.  I've been asked over the last month to tag along with Steve to a ceremony he was officiating to take a few photos on an Iphone?  Or the woman who called and said she had a "professional camera", she could just give to her daughter to take the photos at her wedding. I could go on all day with my somewhat demeaning inquiries... but I won't.  I can't imagine what would possess brides to say some of the things they say.  I want to scream...TMI !  TMI ! Too Much Information.  Have we become a society that has completely lost any sense of decorum?   I have heard the LOUD unmistakable gasp of a bride, as I described our tiny package for $500  that included the session, CD and the images. She told me she could get it cheaper at the courthouse.  Why, yes you can.

Sometimes, I can't help but think to myself, Steve and I spent $1000 in 1987, 26 years ago, and that I use to charge $4-5 THOUSAND dollars for my wedding services in the 1990's.  
It's a sad to see something I care so much about cheapened and valued so little on a regular basis.   Here is what I think:  a nice camera does not make a photographer, in the same way a nice stove doesn't make a great chef, or a nice race car does not make one a race car driver.. NUF SAID ! 

SO, if having a small wedding or
elopement with beautiful photos at a great price works for you... give me a call. 
It will fun and you will be so very happy with your wedding photos.

Visit our CONTACT page of our website
or give us a call

858 945 8341



Thursday, October 3, 2013

11/12/13 RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER... a few spots left....for ELOPEMENTS!!!

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We have a couple of spots left for 11/12/13!   

photography by christine haslet, Elope San

  Check out our fun, low stress

Give us a call or visit our website, time is of the essence!

858 945 8341

Christine and Steve 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Eloping is Easy, And Now There Are Even More Reasons to Elope !

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 Eloping just seems to make sense for so many couples...

Maybe you're that fun offbeat couple, or you want to ditch the guests, or maybe you've been living together so long people think you're already married.... maybe you don't want to spend the budget of a small country for one evening of fun.  Whatever the reason and there are so very many reasons that ELOPING makes perfect sense for many couples these days. 

You too, (or you two)  can be the "runaway couple" having the time of your life.

We found this article in the Huffington Post.  
not OUR readers, but the readers of the Huffington Post :)   
Here it is !

You knew it was coming, and here it is:  a shameless plug from "Elope San Diego" letting you know how easy it is to elope with us.  We have great  elopement packages and services, and couples love, love, love it!

Think about Elope San Diego when it's time to tie the knot. Just the two of you or a few close friends and family. We offer affordable, fanciful beach packages with gorgeous photography, wonderful flowers, sandy beach, and romantic ceremony.

No arches, No chairs, No drama -- that's us! 


xoxo christine and steve

our wedding business was established in 1987
over 3500 happy couples joined in marriage

christine and steve haslet
owners Elope San Diego

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reminded today of how important every day is....

affordable beach weddings, elopement packages, elopement packages san diego,


Yesterday morning we received a phone call from one of our grooms who had been married just the week before. 
I remembered Bill instantly, he and Trisha had been so "extra" appreciative of us and the little weddings we do on the beach in Coronado.  They were one of those couples that we absolutely love to work with.  I recall, as we are walking off the beach, saying how lucky we are to have such a great job and
incredible couples who "get" what we do. 

 It was funny, because Bill and Trisha said we "practically provide a community service" ... a fun, beautiful, affordable, quick wedding option!  We never really thought of it that way.  They had both been married previously and knew first hand how weddings spiral out of control, and huge amounts of
money that can be spent for an evening of fun.

Bill, the groom called me yesterday morning to tell me his beautiful bride of only a few days passed away very suddenly, from a brain clot.  Over. Done. 
He was overwhelmed with grief. 

Before he hung up the phone, he said he was sad because she didn't get to see her wedding photos, and relive the  great time that day.  Then he said....
that is all he has left to remember that happy day with her.

It was a  sobering moment, we went out the beach last night and had several weddings in the same spot. As I Iooked out to sea,
 I couldn't help but think of how sad this was, but I was also struck with how
important our work is.  

We both took a moment to reflect on how much we mean to each other, and how many lives we touch.  As trite as it sounds, we were reminded of how fleeting life can be. . .

bill and trisha  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

And From The .... "In Our Spare Time"...section

Everyone has a hobby and this is ours!  When we're not at the beach photographing weddings and marrying couples who are eloping with us-- this is what we do to "give back"

We were touched by one of our brides over the weekend by a very generous donation to our dog rescue.  We were so very touched! 

So we say....thank you Miss  "D" for the huge donation this weekend to our dog rescue.  We were there to celebrate your day and you made ours.

Thank you!

christine and steve 

Consider a rescue dog for your next pet adoption.

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