Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gorgeous Sunset Ceremony with Christine and Steve Last night !

Jennifer and Robert eloping with us on Coronado Beach.

Our sunset Elope San Diego wedding ceremony with Robert and Jennifer.  

So much love and kissing, we thought we'd join in the fun. Yes, we love our job, in fact we're having just a little too much fun-- great photo taken by their friend at the last minute.  (the groom came up with the idea)  He said "Hey, you guys should be kissing too".  He didn't have to ask twice!

Monday, February 21, 2011

This week went to the dogs!

Whew, our blog has been the last thing on our mind over the last week or so, we've been frantically busy. Up to our ears in flea soap, dog fur, belly scratches and chin rubs.

We rescued 7 dogs, count them, SEVEN from a shelter called "Devore", near Los Angeles.  It's a hell on earth for dogs who end up there, a "shelter" with deplorable conditions.  Each of these dogs were scheduled to be killed within several hours of our rescue. 

It's been an adventurous week to say the least.  We consider ourselves "dog people", but found ourselves a bit unprepared for the excitement.  Little Gracie the black and white dog on the blue pews managed to jump our 5 foot gate the first morning we had her.  And before we knew it, she was captured and turned into the local shelter on Gaines street.  We are calling her our little outlaw.  But because of her charm and beauty, she was adopted straight away by Kristi and Nick. 

We're looking for homes for several of the dogs and we are working with Second Chance Dog Rescue here in San Diego.  They have been fantastic about helping get us the dogs spayed and neutered and in foster homes.

We have the two little dogs that have taken over our office, Rhett and Scarlett
who need forever homes.  They are a bonded pair, brother and sister and look like small dalmatians with brown spots.
Cute, quiet and cuddly!  Scarlett is sitting by the sunshine pillow and Rhett is the white dog below in the photo above. 
To our left is Schindler, he is in a foster home and well on his way to being adopted. 

Diego came to us just YESTERDAY, hours from being killed at the shelter.  He is super sweet and a BIG dog ! HE'S FOSTERING WITH US AND
 NEEDS A FOREVER HOME please EMAIL US for his bio

What A Difference A Day Makes !

This is Jupiter, in the shelter at Devore on Tuesday and after his bath and sitting for his portrait on Wednesday.

He's available for adoption too. 

miss christine at second chance dog rescue bathing dogs

steve with baxter, in our bathtub. the water looks like coffee!!

With all the excitement, we almost forgot this is a wedding blog--- the only wedding talk we have today is from a master talker: Dr. Phil

Just received a message from the folks at the Dr. Phil show and it seems they are on the hunt for wedding disasters.  Why people want to see something so stressful, we'll never know.  Here is the scoop if you want to contact them.  Let them know we sent you over since we feel pretty safe saying that we can't think of any wedding disasters we were part of.

Rachel Winn
Dr. Phil Show
Direct Line: (323) 956-3361
5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood CA 90038


woof, woof

christine and steve

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Casting Call ! Casting For A Couple Who Has Eloped OR Plans To Elope. . .

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 Looking for a couple who has eloped or plans to elope!

Elope San Diego just received another request for assistance
with casting for a new TV show,
we've been in contact with Joanna and this is a real casting call : 

A major cable network is casting a new TV show that needs couples who have eloped, or are planning on eloping! The show will be airing this spring and would like to devote an entire episode to a couple who has eloped.  We are casting one married or engaged couple and their in-laws. Whatever issue they are having, the show will bring in an expert to help the families work through their differences and become closer. It is a very positive show aimed and helping families break through their barriers. Below is more information about the show. Please forward it to any couples that you think might be right for the show.

Joanna Zwickel




New documentary-style TV show NEEDS YOU! This brand new series will be

looking at relationships between married or engaged couples and their in-laws!

 Do you and your in-laws have different ways of doing things that can

sometimes be frustrating? Do your in-laws old-fashioned values differ

from your modern lifestyle?  Does the statement, “When mom says no,

ask grandma” ring true in your family? Do you wish your mother-in-law

wouldn’t baby your husband so much when she is around because when she

leaves he won’t do anything around the house?

If you love your in-laws but want to learn to adapt to each other’s

way of life, this is the show for you!  Families on this show will

have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a professional

relationship expert to help your family understand each other’s way of



To learn more, obtain an application or nominate a family, please

email your story, contact information and family photo to


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